Thursday, October 28, 2010

Up and Around

The Lord liveth; and blessed [be] my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted.  Psalm 18:46

It seems to take me just about as long to find some time for the computer as it does my mom to recover  from her surgery!  So here's the latest;

Her surgery on Monday went well, the Doctor removed as many lymph nodes ans he could and also put in her Power Port.  She was in quite a bit of pain after this surgery and it took a while to get that all under control, but we were able to come home Monday evening.

My Aunt and Uncle decided to stay until Mom was through her surgery and they left early Tuesday morning.  I have been spending the night, here, at Mom's since Monday night.  Can I just say how wonderful and loving our church bodies are?!  My Church Family has not only lifted my Mom in prayer, faithfully, over the last few weeks, they have also been providing meals for my family while I am with Mom so that Jeff and the Girls don't have to worry about fixing dinner.  My Mom's Church Family has also been faithful to pray for her and have been such a source of encouragement for all of us.  They have also pitched in and brought meals here for my Mom.  Thank you, Lord, for a Church that is active in serving and acting as Your hands!  What a blessing to us they have been.

Mom did struggle with itching that we think was caused by her pain meds, but Benadryl allowed her to take them for the first few days to keep the pain under control.  I am glad to say that she is now able to control the pain just using Motrin and the itching is starting to decrease. 

For the most part, we have spent these last few days just resting and enjoying each others company.  Today we decided to break out of the house for a bit and go have some lunch.  Mom was able to shower and get her dressing changed today--you know how much better that always make you feel!  She still has a drain under her arm that has to emptied and can now do that by herself, but she still has a bit of trouble getting her shirts on and off without help.  I will be staying with her for at least one or two more nights and after that I will still bring her meals and help her with her cleaning until she has more strength.

We go back to see her Surgeon late Monday afternoon.  He isn't sure if he will remove the drain at that time or not, but we should have the pathology report back from the lymph nodes he removed on Monday.  We are praying that there is no cancer found there.  At that appointment, we also think we will be making an appointment to see an Oncologist.  Regardless of the pathology report, we do know that Mom will be doing both Chemo and Radiation, it's just a matter of how long and how much.

Mom wanted to send you all a little update as well--

Hi friends,

Thank you for all the prayers you prayed for me!  I certainly felt them all!

Jesus gave me such peace as they wheeled me into the O.R., it was incredible.  He was near me throughout the whole thing and in the worst of the pain.  I had a great surgeon and knew he knew what he was doing and that helped a lot.

Everyone on the staff that was caring for me and talking with my family, was caring and knew their jobs--they were very good at it.

It's nearly Thanksgiving and I am starting to think about that Christmas will not be far behind and I hope I'm ready for them.  I am doing pretty good and do tire easily and am ready for bed soon after 10 p.m.

Dori is taking good care of me.  Shannon was here for nearly two weeks and Scott drops by on his way home from work as often as he can.   I talk to Steve on the phone and know that he and his family are praying for me everyday.  God has blessed me in so many different ways and I am so grateful to Him.

Thank you,

I will update the blog on Tuesday after we see the Dr on Monday.  Hopefully we will have more information.  I keep saying it, and I will keep saying it--Thank you, thank you, for lifting my family in your prayers.  They have buoyed our spirits and helped us to keep our eyes on Jesus.  You have made a difference!

Standing on the promises of God,


  1. Thank you for the update! Please let your mom know we're still praying for her here. :)

  2. Thanks for keeping us all informed. I don't know how you have time/energy to do it, Dori, but I really appreciate it! Big, gentle hugs for your mama. She is a wonderful woman and I know she passed that quality right on down to you! Love you all... Heather