Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Quick Update

It's been a pretty uneventful few days.  Waiting, I  think, is the hardest part.  We have lots of questions for the Dr. on Monday and I really hope he takes the time to listen and answer them all so that we can fully understand.

For everyone who has been praying about the red spot over the tumor...I stopped by her house last night and took a quick look at it.  It has FADED significantly!  Praise God for His healing hands.  You can still see the mark, but it is a light silvery pink and the swelling around it seems to have gone down as well.  What a glorious answer to prayer.  I can't wait to see what the Dr. has to say about it on Monday.

My Aunt and Uncle are driving from California and will be arriving around the 9th and will stay until after the surgery and my sister will fly in on the 13th and stay until the 20th.  I am grateful that I will have a lot of help during my mom's recovery.

Thank you all, for your continued prayers and encouraging words.

Standing on the promises of God,

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  1. Praise God!!! I know that this must be so hard and scary for your family, but I know and hold onto the promise that God is going to reveal something amazing and glorious through this tough journey... Praise God that he never leaves our side.
    Holding onto Hope and Truth,