Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Healing Nicely

We went to see the Surgeon again yesterday and he removed Mom's drain and said she was healing well.  She is still tender in spots but is really looking forward to sleeping without having to worry about drains and such.  We won't go back to see the surgeon for another month for a routine followup.

We found out that the Radiology Oncologist is out of town until December, but they were able to make an appointment with Dr. Smith, the Medical Oncologist for the 19th of November.  We will have quite a few things to discuss with him before we make any final decisions on treatment.

Mom is up to driving short distances again and made it to church on Sunday.  She is very encouraged by her sweet friends and the body of believers at her church.  We are hoping she will get a little stamina back soon so that we can begin our Christmas shopping.  Shannon and Greg and their son, Jason and daughter, Rachel and her husband Justin will be joining us for Christmas this year.  We are hoping to convince my brother, Steve and his family to come as well.  What a delightful family filled Christmas this will be!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouraging cards.

Standing on the promises of God, Dori


  1. I think of you all daily. Glad to hear things are moving along in a positive way! xoxox Heather

  2. This is nice news, aD. Praying for stamina and wisdom.

  3. So glad to hear Anita is improving. What a joy it will be to have a Christmas full of family. I pray Anita will have her full strength back by then and enjoy every minute of it. Hugs to all!

  4. Good morning! I was just thinking of you and decided to stop by to say hi. Hope things are continuing to heal and move in the right direction. Christmas is right around the corner. I wish you all a wonderful holiday filled with love and family. xoxox Heather